Intro/初会 (shokai shimasu): I'm Canaan (or Kanaan, depending.) I guess I’m a ‘creative.’ I create in three ways:

Writing/ 読物 (yomimono)
Music/聞き物 (kikimono)
Imagery/見物 (mimono)

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Happy Tatsuku

Kramer Acoustic

Hopefully/楽観的に (rakkanteki ni):

I'm a novelist (The Color of Trees, Alyson Books, 1992) and Skydaddy (Alyson Books, 1997), essayist and book critic (Lambda Book Report). I play guitar, bass guitar, and piano. I do 3-D animation and graphic design.

I’ve always thought that one day I’d combine all three (yomimono/writing, kikimono/music, mimono/imagery) into one project. Today I can re-release my first novel The Color of Trees as an animated E-book with sound — like the newspaper in 'Harry Potter'. Since it’s getting late, I better get to it!